Who Are We


IC-MedTech is a company supported by anonymous donors and investors. It was founded in 2004 by Tom Miller and since that time the company has raised $20 million to support related research and development.


Tom Miller, Founder/CEO

Tom Miller is a successful engineer and serial entrepreneur. He’s been responsible for innovative chemical research and applications development in both industry and medicine for more than 35 years. Tom founded IC-MedTech in 2004 and is committed to finding new, less toxic treatments for cancer and other diseases. The company has developed intellectual property for small molecules as primary and pan-adjuvant therapies treating cancer, inflammatory and genetic diseases.

Stephen Coutts, PhD., Technology/Business Consultant

Dr. Coutts brings over 37 years experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry employing both small molecule and biologic approaches to drug development. Dr. Coutts has expertise evaluating technologies and business plans and providing technical diligence for development and licensing. His primary expertise is in chemistry and biochemistry, with experience in allergy, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Terry Harstad, Media Consultant

Mr. Terry Harstad is the Founder and President of LifeScience Media in Orange County, CA. LifeScience Media develops custom e-marketing and e-education programs for medical device and pharmaceutical companies.