About IC-MedTech


Founded in San Diego in 2004, IC-MedTech’s mission is to help bring forward new, affordable treatments for cancer and other serious diseases. This website is intended to introduce other investigators to our research rationale and social goals, and to invite productive collaborations. We routinely co-sponsor or partner, often providing ideas and research funding for hospitals, academia, and commercial entities in the Americas and Europe. Patients previously enrolled in clinical studies sponsored by IC-MedTech, or those interested in new clinical trials as they arise, are encouraged to speak to their doctors. 

Over the past decade our company has provided millions of dollars sponsoring thousands of experiments. Dozens of peer reviewed publications have expanded our collective understanding. We have participated in and sponsored many high level scientific meetings in collaboration with some of the best scientific investigators in the world.  

Cancer is a disease with many causes, and genetic instability is a key challenge to treatment. We believe tumor heterogeneity requires new approaches that are likely to be combinational and perhaps unconventional. Our primary focus is reactive oxygen species (ROS) as a driver of heterogeneity. ROS is also a potential means to selectively arrest, or slow the cell cycle in transformed cells and induce cell death. We view cancer as a metabolic disease driving genetic instability in both the nucleus and the mitochondria. The next generation of treatments will incorporate multiple targets and combinational drugs, perhaps including treatments based on subcellular reduction/oxidation (redox) biology.  

Although this is an exciting time in drug development, the cost for new approved cancer drugs continues to climb. For example, inhibitors of programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1) and its receptor, programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) are among the newest promising drugs.  But they also carry a cost of more than $200,000 per year. This is a significant fiscal burden to patients and healthcare systems. We’ve long been committed to finding innovative solutions that help to address the thorny issue of price.

Consequently, IC-MedTech is focused on selective redox modulation as a clinical intervention, most effectively in the adjuvant setting. Our vision is to develop and help make available to patients worldwide, an inexpensive, universal adjuvant that significantly improves survival from cancer and other diseases. The science is well supported and the development strategy relies on collaborations, reasonable regulatory requirements and sufficient funding for the needed research. 

IC-MedTech’s intention is to prove to scientific and regulatory standards that, in the adjuvant setting redox modulation can be safe and effective. Apatone is a small molecule combination drug that embodies a vision that we invite you to consider. By selectively stressing diseased cells, we can reduce or eliminate toxicity from chemotherapy. This approach significantly reduces side effects while lowering drug costs.

Welcome to our website. The Apatone Development Project represents a paradigm shift in drug design, development and commercialization. We invite fellow investigators to consider the possibilities together with us.